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Contact Information

Professional System

The Douglas CAD/CAM Professional System

Originally only for Macintosh. Now also available on Windows.

Douglas CAD/CAM is a family of products for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. Running on the Apple Macintosh or a Windows pc, the entire line is quick, powerful, and easy to learn.

The software, with high resolution graphics and a friendly user interface, provide a high quality engineering workstation that is both very affordable and a pleasure to use.

The Professional System supports multilayer and SMT design capabilities. A very mature, well integrated, and powerful engineering suite, the Douglas Professional System will take you from a rough product concept in your head to finished hardware in your hands quickly, easily, and economically.

Professional quality tools to get your PCB design from concept to a finished circuit board, with a starting price of only $ 25.00.

The Douglas CAD/CAM Professional System includes:

Professional Layout (with libraries)



DRC (Design Rule Check) Utility

Gerber-In and Gerber Viewer

Douglas Electronics Inc. also offers CAD/CAM Professional-Plus which includes Gerber File and Drill File Creator programs. The price for Douglas CAD/CAM Professional Plus for Macintosh or for Windows: $ 495.00
We offer the two packages, Professional and Professional Plus, because we want to nearly ‘give away’ our software to those who are coming back to us for manufacturing. For those who choose to use other manufactures, you can purchase Professional Plus, which includes the Gerber File and Drill File Creators you need. The features in the Layout, AutoRouter and other utilities are identical in both packages!


Designing the Board

Professional Layout Professional Layout includes a parts placement facility for positioning circuit elements on the layout in preparation for autorouting. SMT and thru-hole component footprint libraries are provided, and can be easily modified if need be. Selecting an item from the parts-list automatically selects the correct footprint for placement on the layout. It is labeled by the program to correspond with the original part name from the DesignWorks program.

Professional Layout is a full-featured printed circuit board CAD/CAM program capable of designs up to 32" x 32". An unlimited number of board layers can be created, with full capability for power and ground planes, soldermasks and silk-screen nomenclature. Layers can be viewed on the screen separately or all at once. Completely user-definable pads and parts, 50 different view sizes, and 0.001" resolution make both initial layout and subsequent editing quick and easy.

Routing the Board

AutoRouter Icon AutoRouter completes the board connections by utilizing data generated by the schematic and layout packages. This Lee-maze router is capable of accommodating large, complex designs up to 16 layers. All layers are routed simultaneously, and a multi-pass strategy is used to ensure efficient routes. One-mil grids and surface-mounted devices are fully supported. User-specified costing formulae determine which path the router will take. Any unroutable connections are both listed in a text file and displayed graphically on the screen.


Output Utilities The Professional System provides direct output to dot-matrix and LaserWriter printers. In Douglas CAD/CAM Professional Plus are programs for generating Gerber files for photoplotting and Excellon files for generating drill files.

Looking for a complete solution to all of your pcb design requirements? You might want to try using DesignWorks with your Douglas CAD/CAM Professional System.

Creating the Schematic

DesignWorks Icon DesignWorks is a completely interactive package with both schematic entry and digital simulation capabilities. The gate-level simulation shows live operation on the screen and responds immediately to any connection, input or device parameter changes. Circuit output can be displayed on simulated output devices, or in the form of a logic analyzer style timing diagram. Devices can be easily placed and moved with rubberbanding of all connections. Extensive part libraries are provided in both ANSI and IEEE style symbols, and you can easily create your own device types using the integrated Device Editor.


Manufacturing Douglas Electronics provides a full range of PCB manufacturing services direct from Professional Layout files. The user generates a firm price quote with a supplied program, then board manufacture, photographic film plotting, and drill file generation are all only a modem call or email away.

To Order the Professional System

Use the Software & Support Order Form to order this or any of our software products.
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